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Meditating in a Pandemic - Joseph Goldstein

Freaking out? You're not alone—and you're not malfunctioning. We're in a moment of uncertainty and anxiety. Hence our new experiment: Ten Percent Happier LIVE.  Every weekday, we'll offer a free live sanity break, featuring our host, Dan Harris, and some of the world's best meditation teachers, streaming from their homes to yours. We'll start with a five-minute meditation, and then take questions from the audience. -- Joseph is one of the most respected meditation teachers in the world and a key architect of the rise of mindfulness in our modern society. He co-founded the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) alongside Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield.

Calm, Clarity, Compassion - Jack Kornfield

How can we navigate through hard times? This is an excerpt of a talk Jack Kornfield gave with environmentalist Paul Hawken on March 2, 2020 at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on how to stay grounded and steady as we navigate the spread of the Coronavirus and other challenges.  The need for the Dharma is stronger than ever. We can choose to live in our fears, confusion, and worries, or to stay in the essence of our practice, center ourselves, and be the ones that demonstrate patience, compassion, mindfulness, and mutual care.

Free Online Practice Sessions - Tricycle Magazine

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